1. Name
The Association shall be called the Irish Grassland Association

2. Objects
a) To advance and spread the knowledge of modern grassland husbandry in all its aspects
b) To provide opportunity for those interested in grassland to gather for interchange of views and experience
c) To initiate practical experiments
d) To co-operate with organisations having mutual interests

3. Activities The objectives shall be attained by the following:
a) Holding meetings or conferences
b) Organising excursions either in Ireland or abroad
c) Publishing original articles or abstracts from periodicals or other literature or any other matter consistent with the Objects
d) Maintaining correspondence with grassland authorities and others abroad and disseminating information so acquired
e) Co-operating with other societies directly or indirectly concerned with grassland
f) Any other activity consistent with the Objects

4. Membership
Membership of the Association shall be available to all persons desirous of promoting the objects of the Association, acceptance of applications being subject to confirmation by the Council.

5. Liabilities of members
Every member shall pay to the funds of the Association such annual subscription as may be fixed at the Annual General Meeting from time to time. Every member shall be deemed to have bound himself to the Rules of the Association.
A Member shall not be entitled to the privileges of Membership until his subscription for the year shall have been paid.
No member shall be liable for more than his annual subscription.

6. Privileges of members
Every member shall be entitled to attend any meeting, excursion or conference. Every Member present shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the Association. Every Member shall be eligible for any office of the Association. Every Member shall be entitled to receive free of charge, or at such sum as the Council may decide, one copy of each publication of the Association.

7. Honorary members

The Council shall have power to elect as Honorary Members persons who have rendered notable service to the advancement of grassland knowledge. Such Honorary Members shall have the same privileges but shall not be eligible to hold Office or vote at General Meetings. The number of Honorary Members shall be at the discretion of the Association.

8. Income, Funds and Property
The Association shall derive its funds and income from Annual Subscriptions but shall have power to accept donations either in money or property otherwise to its funds and property or bursaries in prizes to be awarded in furtherance of its objects, or by other methods approved by the Council.

9. Honorary Officers and Council
The government of the Association shall be in the hands of the Council, which shall consist of the President, one Vice-President and eighteen other Members. The President shall retire annually and be succeeded to that office by the Vice-President. One-third of the Council shall retire annually by rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election. All elections shall be by ballot at the Annual General Meeting, election being by a simple majority of those present and voting. Nominations for election must be in the hands of the Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting of which fourteen days notice must be given. Nominations shall be seconded in writing by another Member. The Council shall meet at quarterly intervals, five to form a quorum and may be summoned by the Hon.Secretary on the instruction of the President or at the written request of any three Council Members. It shall have the power to fill vacancies or add to its numbers by co-opting not more than three Members. It shall hold its first stated meeting as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting and appoint an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

10. Duties of Honorary Officers
The President will be responsible to the Members for carrying out the Objects of the Association under the direction of the Council. He will act as Chairman at all Meetings of the Association or its Committees or Council and appoint a Vice-President or other member to deputise in his absence. The Honorary Secretary will be responsible for summoning meetings and, under the direction of the Council, initiating activities consistent with the Objects of the Association. The Honorary Treasurer will be responsible for the monies of the Association, collection of subscriptions and payment of accounts.

11. Finance
The monies of the Association shall be lodged with such Banker as the Council may direct. All payments shall be by cheque valid on the signatures of any two of three Members or Officials appointed by the Council. All accounts for payment must be approved by the Council before payment. The financial Year of the Association will close on 31st March and the Annual Accounts will be audited by two Members appointed by the Council.

12. Staff

The Council shall have the power to appoint a Secretary or such other paid officials as may be deemed necessary. The Secretary shall be responsible for providing a headquarters address and accommodation for Council Meetings. He will be responsible for all correspondence undertaken by the Association and informing Members of Association’s activities.

13. Committees
Specialist Committees may be appointed by the Council with such constitution and terms of reference as may be deemed necessary.

14. Branches
The Council shall have power to authorise the formation of Branches provided such Branches accept the “Rules for Branches”.

15. Alternations to Rules

The Council shall have power to incorporate By-Laws which must be submitted for ratification at the Annual General Meeting next following. Members may propose alternations to the Rules at any General Meeting, which proposals must be circulated to Members fourteen clear days before the date of the Meeting together with the names of the Proposer and Seconder.

5th May 1949.

1962 Name changed to Irish Grassland Association for general use.

1968 That the attendance of Council members at meetings of the Council should be notified to members at the AGM

That at least six members of the Council should be active farmers

1972 V.Vial suggested updating the constitution, this to be on agenda for next meeting and copies circulated to Council.

May meeting – discussion postponed

1985 That members may not be elected to more than two consecutive periods of three years on Council

1988 Mr.D.McCarthy, President, said that a motion passed at a previous AGM that “Members may not be elected to more than two consecutive periods of three years on Council” had proved very unsatisfactory in practice and that some very active people were lost from the Council. He proposed that this rule be deleted from the rules of the Association; this was seconded by Mr.Tom Reid and carried by the Meeting.

1990 “That the retiring President should automatically a member of the Council for one year, thus having an extra officer on Council known as “Past-President”.

1994 Review of Association

1997 “That following two terms of office (six years) on the council, members should be eligible for re-election following a year’s break” In some exceptions the President would have power to co-opt retiring members, who would then be eligible for re-election the following year. “That any member with less than 50% attendance at Council meetings for two years be asked to retire from Council”

For more information on the Constitution of the IGA contact the Irish Grassland Association.