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The Irish Grassland Association is a voluntary organisation, where the Office Manager is the only paid employee. All council members therefore give freely of their time. The IGA is a Company Limited by Guarantee. There are 24 members on Council, each elected member serving a 3 year term and each co opted member serving a 12 month term. These individuals represent all aspects of the Irish Agricultural industry, and notable at least 6 of these are active dairy, beef or sheep farmers. The president holds office for 12 months (September – September) and is succeeded each year by the  Vice-president nominated by the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President and Office Manager. The Council attend meetings five times a year, with sub-committees appointed to deal with the organisational logistics of various events or projects. These sub-committees meet on a needs basis, and report back to Council. The council holds its AGM every September where council members are nominated to serve on the council. This meeting is open to all members of the association who register to attend, as is the option to seek membership of the council and be nominated for election within the administration deadlines communicated from the IGA office. If you would like any more information on the structure of the council, its work or becoming an elected council member please feel free to contact the Office Manager.

Core activities of the irish Grassland Association


Organising Dairy, Beef and Sheep conferences including farm visits which are held annually to discuss excellence in grass production and animal production efficiency.

Supporting our members through the transfer of technical information through event proceedings and the publication of the Annual Irish Grassland Journals, Members Information Booklets and website updates.

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