Allen Nutrition

We are a specialist manufacturer of animal feed supplements, licensed by the Department of Agriculture (Manufacturing License No.: 496) and with EU Approval to manufacture premixtures and mineral mixtures (No.: aIEC000538). We manufacture in Ireland for Irish Conditions.

We endeavour to bring the latest and most advanced aspects of current thinking on animal nutrition direct into the farmyard, whilst using the historical methods of supplementation to their best advantage.

Our objective is to create the best mineral supplements to solve the potential and actual mineral problems of the animal (herd or individual), to achieve optimum health and performance, from the best/most suitable products available; within the monetary constraints available to the farmer or stockman: and encompass related activities to achieve this aim; while including feed safety as a priority within our manufacturing system.

Bob Allen (Nutrition Supplements) Ltd, Mount Pleasant , Bandon, Co Cork

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Allen Nutrition