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Bonanza Calf Nutrition has developed the 1st transition milk replacer for calves.


Transition milk is produced by the cow and its function is to transition the calf’s digestive system or gut from a set of inert organs into the main sites of digestion for the young calf.

The gut has no function in the foetus and only really develops in the last month of gestation. This is why underweight and premature calves are more prone to digestive problems.

After the calf is born, the gut must transition from an inert organ to one full of acids and enzymes. The gut is also very porous at birth, which allow colostrum antibodies to be absorbed whole.

Feeding transition milk ( milk produced by the cow from day 2-4) is key to encouraging the production of acid and enzymes in the calf and the full closure of the gut wall.

Bonanza Calf Nutrition has developed the 1st transition milk by identifying the key elements for transition success.




Transformula – A skim and whey transition milk replacer using milk protein with added immunostimulants and prebiotics for feeding calves in the first days of life. Provides calves with all their requirements from the first feed after colostrum.

Shine Once a day – A skim based milk replacer for feeding calves milk once-a-day. Using a low heat skim milk it ensures the milk forms a curd in the calf’s stomach and is slowly released throughout the day.

Compumate – A skim and whey milk replacer using milk protein for the feeding of calves on an automatic feeder containing natural antibacterial properties to help reduce the bacteria accumulating around the teat and feed station.

Shine – A skim and whey milk replacer using milk protein for the feeding of calves twice a day.


Take off  – A supplement to colostrum designed to give any weak or cold lambs a boost in energy especially during their first week of life.

Ewe-Reka – A lamb milk replacer made with whey products from ewe’s milk.


Shine Goat – A goat milk replacer made with goat milk.

Bonanza has a large expert advise team dedicated to support you and your youngstock throughout the rearing period.


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