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DLF is a global company supplying grass and clover seed in more than 80 countries. With a 50% market share in Europe and 25% worldwide, DLF provides seed for both the forage and amenity grass seed sectors. In Ireland DLF has become a leading wholesaler of all grass and forage seeds since its establishment in 2015.

Their ethos of bringing the best varieties from the DLF global breeding program to Ireland, is testament to their commitment to enabling Irish farmers maximise farm efficiencies. To ensure only the best varieties make it to the Irish market DLF have established a one of its kind research site in Waterford to select future generations of varieties to boost grassland production in Ireland. Each year they test 3,000 – 3,500 varieties for suitability to Irish farms; and in doing so are the only grass seed company with such an investment in Ireland. 

In 2017 DLF will open a newly constructed warehouse and seed processing facility, in addition to expanding their trial facilities; further showcasing their commitment to contributing to the growth of the Irish grassland agri-sector.

DLF has an expansive product range which includes Maize, Beet, Forage Brassica cover crops and more besides.

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DLF Seeds