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Established in 1975, Irish Farmers Monthly has been a leading source of information on all things agricultural in Ireland for the last five decades. With exclusive interviews, features, expert analysis, and technical contributions, Irish Farmers Monthly is an authority on the dairy, beef, tillage and sheep sectors. It has been to the fore in keeping the farming community briefed on all developments relating to agricultural machinery, technology, agri-business, the environment and sustainable practices, agri-politics, and much more.
Irish Farmers Monthly editor, Matt O’Keeffe, a dairy farmer and agri-broadcaster, has his finger on the pulse of crucial farming matters. He takes key industry leaders to task on the challenges within the sector and discusses crucial farming concerns with the sector’s key opinion leaders. Agri-consultant, Matt Ryan, provides his must-read farm-management hints in every issue; renowned machinery editor, Noel Dunne ensures all the very latest industry news is featured each month; and specialist technical writers advise readers on a range of animal-health issues throughout the farming calandar. Recently appointed deputy editor, Bernie Commins, is a former editor of the Veterinary Ireland Journal, and has a background in agricultural journalism – newspaper, magazine and digital – with a special interest in dairy, farm safety, and rural affairs, and a passion for writing and sharing people’s stories. On top of that, Irish Farmers Monthly features regular farm-safety and agricultural-technology updates, and interesting features and interviews in its popular rural-life section. Irish Farmers Monthly’s unique selling point comes from its monthly publication date. This gives it the time required to go beyond the headline, to delve deeper, and to deliver longer-form articles that not only inform but educate also.

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Bernie Commins
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Commercial and advertising manager

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