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True North Technologies Limited is based in Shannon, Ireland and focussed on delivering geo-tagged decision support and other solutions within the Agricultural Sector.

Our solutions harness a number of standard and emerging technologies to produce reliable data feeding into the decision making process in modern farm management. Our team has expertise in the communications, sensing, positioning, and software disciplines. We design, and produce equipment for use in everyday farming and for on-going research across a number of research centres in Europe.

Among our recent projects have been farm-animal positioning for geo-fencing research, live sensor data reporting in a farm environment, animal attitude and activity reporting, grassland management, farm mapping and geo-coding.

Communications – Farm Networking

We specialise in communications systems to meet a variety of needs on the farm. These systems include long-range reporting via a dedicated network, data upload over public (GSM) networks and short-range systems to download data payloads from animal borne sensors.

 High-Accuracy GPS

Our GPS solutions include high-accuracy GPS options bringing sub-meter accuracy in very cost-effective packages. These may be deployed wherever position reporting is required at update rates of up to 10Hz and at sub-meter levels of accuracy.

 Research Systems Design & Build

We can tailor a solutions to meet particular requirements in terms of functionality, reporting frequency and where small or experimental quantities are required. Working with our design and production partners a solution can be engineered and built in quantities from a few – to a few thousand.

Address: Unit 14 Shannon Business Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland

Phone: +353 61 708 423




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