Irish Cattle Breeding Federation

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation is the organization responsible for
dairy and beef cattle breeding improvement in Ireland. The organization
has some 30 members, including farm organizations, AI companies,
herdbooks and milk recording agencies. A key element of ICBF’s business
is its central cattle breeding database from which its members provide
services to farmers. In addition the database is the hub from which ICBF
provide breeding information to the industry, through its public
website and ICBF HerdPlus service (for farmers). At this stage, over 80%
of all births for passport purposes are also recorded on the ICBF
database. This gives Irish farmers and its dairy and beef industries an
excellent platform from which to increase profit from breeding. For more
information on ICBF, please contact ICBF HerdPlus on 1800 600 900 or

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Irish Cattle Breeding Federation