KEENAN are a progressive and ambitious global company with plans for continuous product innovation, new market growth and performance improvement for all our customers. Established in 1978 and acquired by noted animal health company Alltech in 2016; KEENAN employs over 200 people globally in a variety of roles including manufacturing, customer services, sales and animal nutrition to name a few.

We are 100% focused on being a world class company in every aspect and developing winning solutions for customers in all our markets. We encourage leadership skills at every level and benchmark only against the best in the world.

why KEENAN are different


Together with Alltech; KEENAN have a unique approach to ensuring customer results through our InTouch platform – supported by an exceptionally strong team of nutritionists and engineers working together to deliver superior performance on farm.


KEENAN machines are a hand-crafted in Ireland using cutting edge technology. KEENAN engineers manufacture the most efficient, durable, high performance diet feeders possible.

Quality of Product:

KEENAN use quality components, leading technology and a Right First Time (RFT) process to create a mixer wagon that performs better than any other.


KEENAN hold patents on all our diet feeders, the mixing technology and also the specific ration structure which is produced from a KEENAN.


Twitter: @KEENANsystem

Facebook: @KEENANGlobal

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