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Event Date: Sunday 1st of January 2012 11:59:59 PM
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by Dr. Tim Keady, Irish Grassland Association Council Member and Teagasc

At the launch of the Irish Grassland Association (IGA) Beef Conference and Farm Walk 2012 were Marianna Kowalczyk (Herd Plus event sposnor), Tim Keady(IGA), Florence Woodlock (ABP event sponsor) and Jim Parkinson (Host Farmer)

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The Irish Grassland Association (IGA) have launched their annual Beef Farm Walk and Conference entitled “Irish Beef Farming – challenges and opportunities”. This premier beef event takes place on Tuesday 4th September at Horse and Jockey, Co. Tipperary. ABP and Herd Plus are the sponsors for “Irish Beef Farming – challenges and opportunities”. The event is BTAP approved event and it will consist of a visit to the farm of Jim and Audrey Parkinson near Cashel, Co Tipperary, preceded by a conference at the Horse and Jockey in the morning.

Whilst many producers are considering, or are in the process of converting their beef farms to dairy units, Jim and Audrey Parkinson who were dairy producers, sold their dairy herd in 2007 and converted to suckler beef production. Today Jim and Audrey run a 100 cow suckler beef herd and also have a beef finishing enterprise on 77 ha. The herd consists of 65 commercial Limousin cross suckler cows and 35 pedigree Limousin cows. The objective of this farm is to maximise profit, therefore depending on prevailing market conditions the progeny are either finished on the farm or sold as weanlings.

Currently, the Parkinson’s operate an autumn and spring calving pattern. However their objective is to calf all cows during the autumn. Jim aims to maximise animal performance from grass, both grazed and ensiled. This is achieved by consistently producing high feed value silage and grazing leafy pastures during a long grazing season. Cows and their progeny are put to pasture in mid March and are not housed until mid November. Male weanlings which are not being sold at weaning graze leafy pasture until housing and are then finished on ad-libitum concentrates until slaughter at 18 months of age.

On the day of the visit delegates will have the opportunity to see and discuss many issues involved in efficient beef production including;

(i) the suckler herd with progeny at foot
(ii) replacement and breeding policy
(iii) weanlings from the autumn herd and their management to finishing
(iv) finishing bulls
(v) grassland management
(vi) winter feeding

The conference will feature 4 papers on many aspects of beef production. Speakers include;

(i) Dr Paul Crosson, Teagasc, Grange will present a paper on “Strategies to reduce green house gas emissions from beef farming”. The focus of Paul’s paper will be on those options which concomitantly reduces green house gas emissions whilst increasing farm profitability.

(ii) John Gilmore mvbmrcvs, a veterinary practitioner based in Roscommon, whose presentation is entitled “Transition period management of the suckler cow and calf”. This presentation will discuss the critical period extending from 1 month prior to 1 month post calving.

(iii) Dr Eoghan Finneran will present a paper entitled “Options for reducing feed cost on beef farms”. This paper will discuss costs of producing grazed grass and alternate feeding options for the indoor feeding period.

(iv) Kevin Farrell, a beef producer from Ballymahon Co Longford will outline his system of beef production using progeny from the dairy herd.

The number of tickets for this premier beef event (BTAP approved) is limited to 230, therefore early booking is strongly encouraged as admission will be by ticket only.

By registering before Tuesday 21st August you can avail of our pre-paid discount of €30 for Irish Grassland Association members and €70 for non Irish Grassland Association members. This includes refreshments on arrival, 2 course dinner, bus transfer to the farm and conference proceedings. Non-members will also receive one year’s free membership if they wish to become a new d/d member.

You can book online from Thursday 10th August at where these best pre-paid deals are available or call Maura Callery the Office Manager on 087 9626483.

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