Contract Rearing Event


Event Date: Thursday 17th of July 2014 11:59:59 PM
Event Location:


Contract Rearing Event


7.30pm Thursday 17TH July 2014

at the Shinagh Estates Gurteen Farm



With the advent of a quota free environment post 2015 there will be a substantial increase in milk volumes based on projected figures to date. Grazing platform is going to be the new quota and for that reason dairy farmers are looking at alternative ways to increase grass availability to support the milk production directly. One of the ways that must be given serious consideration is the ‘contract rearing of heifers. The Irish Grassland Association in association with Teagasc are running an evening event on the topic of Contract Rearing Heifers. The event should appeal to both beef, tillage and dairy farmers, as this may be an opportunity for all to benefit from potential income from contract rearing. This is a free event and is open to all interested parties.


John McNamara (Dairy Advisor, Teagasc)

why consider getting your heifers contract reared?

-how much does contract rearing cost?

 Karen Dukelow (Cattle Specialist, Teagasc)

why consider contract rearing if you are a beef farmer?

-what are the margins from contract rearing and how does that compare to beef margins?

 Tom Curran (Collaborative Farming Specialist, Teagasc)

setting up the contract

-key points on making it successful

 Contract Rearing Farmers

Q&A session on the practicalities of contract heifer rearing

For information please contact Maire Ahern McCarthy (087) 2354353

(Southern Regional Development Officer IGA )

This is a free event. No registration required.