Irish Grassland Association Charity AGM and Windup


Event Date: Thursday 15th of September 2022 11:59:59 PM


The 2022 AGM of the Irish Grassland Association charity took place on Thursday 15th September in the Horse and Jockey Hotel Tipperary. A presentation of the year’s activities was presented to all in attendance by the outgoing President Christy Watson before he retired from the Presidency and IGA charity council. This was then followed by the formalities to close the charity as no further business was required for the entity.

Since 2014, Irish Grassland Association had operated as a registered charity, in compliance with the Charities Regulatory Authority and all relevant charity law. Following legal and financial advice by solicitor’s, our accountants and a consultancy firm, a motion was passed at the 2021 AGM to dissolve the Irish Grassland Association charity and set up a new legal structure: a Company Limited by Guarantee.

At the 2022 IGA Charity AGM, the final part of this process was completed on behalf of the members by the three IGA trustees, who were on the current council at that time, Stan Lalor, Paul Hyland and Ciaran Lynch, all of whom were Past Presidents. Following a vote by all the members in attendance, it was decided that the funds that remained in the charity would be donated to Embrace Farm.

The meeting then concluded as all relevant paperwork was signed by the 3 remaining council members / trustees and the charity was officially dissolved.