Sheep Summer Tour


Event Date: Thursday 20th of August 2020 11:59:59 PM
Event Location: online showcase


Due to Covid19 restrictions, the 2020 IGA sheep farm walk is taking a slightly different approach for 2020 where we are inviting each of you to sit back, relax and enjoy revisiting three of our previous host farmers from the last decade through a virtual, online, ‘event’. This year on August 20th we will be releasing a series of short video clips across our social media channels (Facebook ; Twitter ) and through this website where we will revisit three of our previous host farmers; William Hutchinson, our host farmer from 2011, farms in Co. Kilkenny, Ned Morrissey is farming in Co. Waterford and hosted the IGA sheep event in 2015 and John Bell, hailing from Co. Westmeath, was our host in 2017.  Thus far 2020 has thrown each of us many curve balls but we will bring you an insight into how each of these farmers is dealing with 2020 and how their farming system has progressed since our initial visit. For a taste of what is to come please read below for a preview on each of our host farmers.’


Virtual Farm Tour

Further detail will be provided on developments from each of the above farmers on August 20th with a series of short videos which will be released across the IGA social media accounts and on the IGA website. Please join us for an update from each of our three previous IGA Sheep Farm Walk hosts.