Alan Kelly

Past President 2022/2023

Alan Kelly, UCD

Dr. Alan Kelly holds an honours degree in Animal Science (2006) and a PhD in Cattle Nutritional Physiology (2009) from University College Dublin (UCD). Since 2011, he has been employed as a Lecturer in Animal Science at the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science. He lectured and coordinated modules mainly in the areas of advanced beef production and ruminant nutrition and is the current director of Animal and Crop Science Degree Programme in UCD.

His research area of interest include the development of blueprints for sustainable  pastoral based beef production systems. His research work has an innovative focus with the objective of improving economically important traits (feed intake, growth, feed efficiency, fertility and ruminal methanogenesis) through strategic nutritional intervention or discovery of underlying physiological or molecular mechanisms. He has published extensively on these topics and has presented the findings of this research at national and international conferences. Additionally, he also has developed a significant extension role having provided continuous professional development (CPD) courses to Veterinary and Agricultural Science graduates,  industry representatives along with regularly writing technical articles in the agricultural press.

Alan is also Secretary of European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) Animal Physiology Commission and  is a Past President of the Irish Limousin Cattle Society. He also is a member of the DAFM Food Vision 2030 Beef Stakeholder Group.

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Alan Kelly