Animax, founded in 1982, is a pioneering company which specialises in the research, development and manufacture of highly effective animal health products. Animax is the market leader in trace element supplementation for livestock and is best known for their range of leaching boluses which deliver a prolonged and regulated release of the essential trace elements – copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium. Allsure® slow release boluses last for up to six months and have been used successfully by Irish farmers for 20 years. Other leading brands include Copasure® and Easycal®.


For further details please contact:

Rory Dicker, Irish Commercial Manager +353 (0)87 063 5950

Flor Ryan, Irish Sheep Specialist +353 (0)86 811 55 60

Damien Storen, Irish Dairy Specialist, +353 (0)87 463 9951

Neill Acheson, Technical Representative for Co. Donegal and NI, +44 (0)7795 434 986



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