RMB Animal Nutrition Ltd

Mission statement: RMB Animal Nutrition Limited’s aim is to improve animal health and welfare with the use of Antibiotic Free products.

RMB Animal Nutrition Ltd (RMB) is an Irish owned specialist veterinarian research and development company based in Bunclody, Co. Wexford. RMB is currently financing and concluding clinical trials on a number of bovine and equine treatments/supplements to be launched across Europe in 2024.

Soon to launch will be supplement that recalibrates a cow’s microbiome, rebooting her immune system aiding protection against mastitis. During Clinical Trials on Dairy Herds in Ireland, this unique Antibiotic Free supplement has significantly reduced the Somatic Cell Count in the bulk tank, maintaining it below all stated EU wide limits. While reducing SCC it also has a very positive result on reducing the reoccurrence of cases of mastitis after treatment.

In Florida USA, RMB are in the final stages of trials with an Antibiotic Free Horse Wound Treatment that heals an equine wound with zero scarring or proud flesh. This product will enjoy high market demand in the Global Bloodstock industry.

The Principals of RMB are:

Chief Executive Officer:   Robert Warren Dairy Services Entrepreneur and Farmer

Head of Research:             Bernard Keating MVB MRCVS renowned Large Animal Veterinarian

Product Development:     Michael Murphy Equine Dentist and former Horse Trainer

Investor Relations:           Gavin Duffy Irish Entrepreneur and Businessman

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RMB Animal Nutrition Ltd